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The Perfect Maths Lesson

Format: Hardback
Size: 174 x 124mm
Pages: 110
Published: July 2014
ISBN 13: 9781781351376


Delivering the perfect lesson is no simple task. Ian's aim in this book is to provide practical ideas and common-sense methods that can help every teacher to be excellent, and uncover the essential strategies that help teachers appear to walk on water (or at least secure an 'outstanding' judgement)!


Teachers have the most important job in the world. At a time when expectations and accountability are at an all-time high, delivering excellence in the classroom has never been more difficult. The perfect maths lesson is about getting it right for inspectors by first getting it right for the children you teach. Ian's book aims to be a pragmatic and down-to-earth guide, recognising that, although no teacher is perfect, their lessons can be. It is about learning and teaching as much as it is about surviving that dreaded lesson observation.


The Perfect Maths Lesson explores the common features of outstanding maths lessons and the characteristics and habits of outstanding maths teachers. You'll find plenty of Ofsted guidance referenced throughout this book, but bear in mind that this advice has been selected because it is good for children and useful for teachers. Great teachers know what works well for their students despite what Ofsted, or anybody else, has to say on the matter. After all, teachers are not in it for the income; they are in it for the outcome.


If you are looking for ideas to breathe new life into your lessons or tops tips to gain that elusive 'outstanding' judgement, you'll find plenty in Ian's book. However, becoming a teacher of the perfect lesson requires consistent effort and an unwavering commitment to the people that matter most: the children we teach.

"This book is not just for maths teachers – it's for anyone interested in teaching and learning because it gives such an insight into the 'how to do it' (and why it works) of outstanding lessons."

Jackie Beere OBE, Leading educational trainer, consultant and author

"A very well written text reflecting the author’s personal enthusiasm, subject knowledge and practical experience of successful teaching of mathematics."

John T Morris, Director JTM Educational Consultants

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